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Service Calls and Repairs for Hot Tubs

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Hot tubs are a great way to relax, de-stress, and spend some quality time with family and friends.

But, there will come a time when your hot tub will need a little extra love and care. As with pool maintenance, there isn’t any way to avoid it. For example, you may notice that the jets aren’t working as well as they used to. Maybe an error message has popped up on the hot tub’s control panel.

The best thing you can do is act before the problem gets worse. If your hot tub is still under warranty, you’ll be able to call for repairs and service. If your warranty has expired, you should still reach out for repairs. If you let it linger for too long, repair costs may go up considerably.

So, what signs or problems do you need to look for (or hear) in your hot tub? When should you call for service or repair? Keep reading. We’ve got the information you need to know to keep your hot tub in great condition.

The Water Won’t Heat

You’ve had a long day at the office and want nothing more than to relax those tense muscles in the warmth of your hot tub. The problem is, the water just won’t heat! If this happens to your tub (one day you have hot water and the next, none) the answer could be simple. In most cases, it just means that you need to replace the heater element.

The heater element is similar to a light bulb in that it will eventually burn out. The good news is – this is a simple fix that requires swapping out the old heater element for a new one.

There are other simple problems that could prevent your hot tub’s water from heating. Some of these issues include:

• Clogged filters
• Bad thermostat
• Broken heat sensors
• Poor water balance

Most of these issues you can prevent yourself. Regularly cleaning filters and making sure to maintain a proper chemical balance are part of basic hot tub maintenance. So, if the water in your hot tub won’t heat, but you’ve kept up your side of the the maintenance, you’ll know the issue is the result of another error. This is when you need to call in for service and repair.

The Jets Aren’t Working

If your hot tub jets aren’t working at all, or don’t work as well as they used to, the culprit may be improper water chemical balance.

Like with swimming pools, we add different chemicals to create a healthy pH balance. If the pH is too high, your tub’s sanitation may be adversely affected. If the pH is too low, the water will turn acidic, which isn’t ideal. Acidic water can sting or burn your eyes and dry out your skin.

In addition to issues that may affect your health and comfort, poor chemical balance can result in the gradual accumulation of minerals, like calcium. This build-up can clog your jets, because it makes it difficult for water to pass through.

Another possible reason for issues to arise with your hot tub jets is something called air lock. An air lock can occur after you drain and clean your hot tub. In between draining and refilling your tub, there is a chance air may enter and get trapped in the pipes. This air will prevent your jets from working. If this happens, you will need to call for a technician to come release it. If you don’t deal with this issue, you could end up damaging your hot tub further.

The Pump is Making Weird Sounds

In some cases, this issue simply means that the motor on your hot tub is very old. If you’re unsure, keep an eye on your motor. Listen to the sounds, particularly for differences in volume. If your motor sounds much louder than it used to, this could mean that it’s about to seize (stop working). In the event your motor seizes or is simply too old to be repaired, the motor will need to be replaced by a hot tub technician.

There will be situations in which an old motor’s life can be extended by replacing a part or two. However, this will only stall the problem for a short while. Talk to your technician. It may be cheaper in the long run to replace the entire pump, instead of repeatedly replacing individual parts.

Error Codes

Your hot tub should come with a manual. If for some reason you don’t receive a manual, be sure to ask for one. This manual is important in helping you understand how to safely use your hot tub. It will also provide detailed information on the different error codes your hot tub may display. The purpose of these error codes is to inform the you and/or the service technician of the exact problem, in order to avoid tiresome guesswork.

Different hot tubs have different error codes. You will need to check your manual for the ones that apply to your specific brand of tub. That being said, we can provide you with a few examples of some of the most common reasons for error codes for hot tubs. These include:

• Pressure switch malfunction
• Improper water flow
• Water temperature is too hot (overheating)
• Hot tub needs more water (under-filled)
• Water temperature is too cold (under-heated)
• Poor sensor connection

Leaky Seals

As your hot tub gets older, the seals around the pump (or even around other elements of the hot tub) can begin to crack or leak. As you can imagine, water leaking around electrical components can cause significant damage to your hot tub.

Prevent this from happening by adhering to a regular service schedule, at least once a year. If you do notice a crack or leak yourself, don’t put off calling it in for repair. This is one of the most serious hot tub issues. Procrastinating could allow significant damage to occur, potentially leading to you and your family having to replace the entire tub. We recommend that you be proactive and deal with the situation right away.

Hot Tub GFCI

Your hot tub’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) panel is critical to staying safe while using your hot tub. Depending on where you live and buy your hot tub, this equipment will either be located in your hot tub’s electrical panel, or in a box at least 5-6 feet away.

The GFCI’s sole function is to keep an eye on electricity flow and warn you of any harmful disruptions in that flow. If the device senses any difference or change in the flow of electricity, it will immediately shut off power to the hot tub.

Keeping an eye on your GFCI is absolutely non-negotiable. Keep an eye on it. In some situations, the GFCI can stop working properly, or trip and stop working altogether. If this happens, call for service or repair immediately. A licensed professional will need to confirm whether or not your hot tub is safe to use.

At the end of the day, if you own a hot tub and use it often, you will need to keep it well-maintained. A licensed professional can have your hot tub up and running in no time, but it’s your responsibility to look after it. Refer to your manual and call us when you need.  We promise – small investments and a little TLC will ensure the longevity and your enjoyment of your hot tub.