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Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

The majority of people who purchase a hot tub are incredibly happy with the results. Unfortunately, there are also few individuals who get sucked into a bad deal and end up purchasing a defunct tub from a terrible dealer (ie, not us!).   Before you pay for your new hot tub, you want to make sure that the hot tub you want is the hot tub you should buy. Taking all the right precautions and steps in purchasing a hot tub before you buy will make your experience a pleasant one.

So, if you’re in the market for a hot tub but don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Take a look at our hot tub buyer’s guide to make purchasing your hot tub a great experience.

Do you have the space?

This is the most important part to consider. You might have the funds available to purchase a hot tub. However, if you don’t have the space, there’s no sense in finalizing the purchase! The good news is there are so many different hot tubs on the market and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Knowing what will and won’t fit will really help you to narrow your choices down.

You also need to investigate the specific by-laws in your neighborhood regarding the installation of hot tubs. While most areas don’t require much in the way of changing your backyard space, some require a fence around your hot tub (for example).

What about electricity requirements?

You will also need to know the electricity requirements that come with installing a hot tub. It is required (by law) to hire an electrical to help you with your hot tub installation electricity needs. The reason for this is to ensure that you do not accidentally electrocute yourself when you start using your hot tub.

It is possible that you will need to add an electricity outlet or box in a different area of your backyard in order to correctly install your hot tub. Speaking with a licensed electrician will help you to better understand the requirements of your specific situation, but keep in mind that East Texas Spa will handle all aspects of delivery and installation!

Request references

If you’re shopping for a hot tub in East Texas, East Texas Spa will gladly give you references to previous customers!  If you’re shopping outside of our area, look for a dealer that will be able to provide references from customers who purchased a hot tub in your area.  It’s actually in the dealer’s best interest to provide these references as the majority of their business actually comes from satisfied customers who tell their friends and family about their hot tub buying experience.

What’s included?

If it’s time to sign the contract and you see that your hot tub comes with many “add ons” be sure to check the final price carefully. Many others dealers will provide additional items as an “add on”, which can include important things like a hot tub cover, delivery, water care and on-site assistance. In many of these “add on” situations, the company will simply deliver your hot tub and leave it in your driveway. You’re then stuck trying to get your hot tub into its proper place on your own.

Buy a hot tub from a dealer like ours that is upfront about what is and isn’t included:

  • Hot Tub Cover
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • On-Site Hot Tub Start-Up Help
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty

Test out that tub!

The last thing you should do before you purchase a hot tub is to give the hot tub you want to purchase a try. That’s right! You want to get into a working hot tub. Why? To make sure that you’re happy with the comfort of the seats, the jets, the water clarity and so on. Buying a hot tub is like buying a car. If you aren’t happy with the experience, it’s better to know before you drive it off the lot or have it installed in your backyard.

We offer these “test drives” in our showrooms.

Top 4 warning signs

If you come up against any of these warning signs when doing your research, or working with a dealer, run don’t walk!

  1. Make sure that the dealer has a permanent showroom.
  2. Don’t agree to any “in home” dealership sales. You won’t be able to see or test out the hot tub, or even get references.
  3. Avoid big retailers who often carry cheaper hot tub models. The price might seem right however, they are often built as cheaply as possible.  Find a local dealer like East Texas Spa who’s been around for decades and offers quality products.
  4. High pressure sales situation. A good dealer with never pressure you to make a snap decision.

If you follow these steps carefully–and watch out for the above mentioned warning signs — you’re in great shape.  The most important thing to remember is that you buy a hot tub that you’re excited about. After all, a hot tub is an investment, one that when made correctly will help you to enjoy using it for years to come.