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Pre-Owned and Used Hot Tubs

We carry a large line of new hot tub models and there’s no denying that some of the newer technology is amazing.  Some of the newer hot tubs come with plenty of benefits like modern jet and water technologies, new styles, and even various entertainment and lighting system options.

The downside, of course, is that newer models can also come at a much higher price tag, which is why many people look into buying a pre-owned hot tub. If done right, a pre-owned hot tub can still turn your backyard into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of! If done without research or careful consideration, purchasing a used hot tub could end up costing you more than you bargained for.

So, what are some of the benefits to buying a used hot tub?  What are the pros/cons to buying new vs. used?  Below we answer these questions and more in our ultimate guide to buying a used hot tub.

Benefits to Buying a Pre-Owned Hot Tub

Let’s start with the benefits. There are three major benefits to buying yourself a pre-owned hot tub. These reasons include, lower cost, same great functionality, and helping the environment.

Pre-Owned = Lower Cost

The biggest and best benefit is to your wallet. There’s no question that a pre-owned hot tub is cheaper compared to brand new models. The reason for this is similar to buying a pre-owned car. The hot tub isn’t new, someone else has used it, but they don’t want to use it anymore. So, the cost of the hot tub is reduced for someone else to purchase.

If for years, you’ve yearned to own a hot tub, but just can’t justify the cost, maybe now is the time to look at a pre-owned model. Most pre-owned hot tubs run from $2500 – $4500. This means that (on average) you could get a mid tier hot tub for around the same prices as a low tier, brand new hot tub. You could get more seats, more jets, and just more hot tub all around– without breaking the bank.

Good as New

If you’re careful and ask the right questions, you can end up with a pre-owned hot tub that works like a dream. Many pre-owned hot tub dealers know that they need to provide used products that are in great condition. If they try to sell you a used hot tub that leaks or just plain doesn’t work, they’re going to go out of business pretty fast.

Even then, you want to find a pre-owned hot tub dealer that also specializes in hot tub repairs. If the dealership is truly a pre-owned hot tub expert, the hot tub you’re looking at will work. In fact, it will work better than it did for the previous owners.

Better for the Environment

Instead of purchasing a new hot tub, consider buying a pre-owned hot tub to help out the environment. Often, when people are finished using something, it ends up collecting dust in the backyard, or cluttering up the local dump. Dealers that offer pre-owned hot tub options help to reduce the impact on the environment. If you purchase a pre-owned hot tub, you’re also helping to reduce your impact on the environment.

A Few Things to Consider

The benefits listed above really help to identify the pros to purchasing a pre-owned hot tub. To recap, they include,

  • Cheaper options
  • Better for the environment
  • Same (if not improved) functionality

Where there are pros, there are also cons– or at least a few things you really need to consider before you purchase a pre-owned hot tub. These considerations include,

Find a Pre-Owned Hot Tub Dealer

There are many pre-owned hot tub dealers and dealerships across America.  If you spend some time doing research, chances are, you’ll find one close to you!  If you’re in the East Texas area, you already found us, so you make sure you give us a call (903-561-7565) so we can take care of you!

The importance of finding a dealer (instead of buying from a guy selling it on Craigslist) is that the dealer has likely done the heavy lifting. They will have handled any hot tub repairs, or upgrades to make sure that you get a functional pre-owned hot tub. Buying a hot tub straight from someone’s backyard might seem like the deal of the century in the moment. However, you’ll likely find out when you get the hot tub in your backyard that you’ve only inherited someone else’s problem.

When you spend your hard earned cash, you want to enjoy your purchase. Avoid this mistake altogether and simply find a pre-owned hot tub dealer that will treat you right.

Fill ‘Er Up!

Maybe you’ve already taken a look at a variety of pre-owned hot tubs. Have you seen any of those tubs in action? Have you tried out the tub yourself?

Many hot tub dealerships allow you to try out the hot tub you want, before you sign along the dotted line. Why would pre-owned hot tubs be any different? Make sure that you ask the dealer to see the hot tub filled with water. Also take some time to test out the tub to make sure the jets, seats and other features work well. Always try before you buy to end up making the right choice.

Does it Come with a Warranty?

Just because it’s a pre-owned hot tub, doesn’t mean that it should come without a warranty. Many pre-owned hot tub dealerships offer warranties for parts and even repairs. If anything, the option of a warranty should give you a good idea about the quality of the pre-owned hot tub. It means you’re working with a dealership you can trust.

What about Delivery?

Buying a pre-owned hot tub from a neighbour leaves you having to deal with getting it into your backyard. While you might have received a great price, there’s a good chance that you could damage your hot tub. You could also really hurt yourself.

When you purchase a pre-owned hot tub from a dealer, you can also get delivery on top of a warranty. This ensures the correct installation of your hot tub, not to mention ensures that you get it in one piece.

Pre-Owned or New?

Ultimately, whether or not you purchase a new or pre-owned hot tub is up to you. While a new hot tub can give you every bell and whistle you’ve ever wanted, a pre-owned hot tub could help you save more money upfront. So, you need to make sure that you do your research, ask the right questions and end up making the decision that helps you to enjoy your new purchase for years to come.